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The free version of the plugin World Cup Predictor was a success! Over 13,000 downloads have been performed. The plugin is being used in 10 languages, generating fun during the playing of the tournament worldwide.

However, many users have used the Support Forum to request new features, as well as expressed interest that the plugin had the ability to manage other competitions besides the World Cup, preferably allowing the creation of mini leagues and responsive layout.

To accomplish this goal, I am starting a project on Indiegogo site:

My intention is to devote myself exclusively to this project over the next two months, but for that I need to have some funds to allow me to continue paying my bills at this time.

So if you like the plugin and want to contribute to this project off the printed page, make a contribution and I will be truly grateful. And as a form of gratitude, users who contribute at least $ 25, will win a free copy of the plugin once it is ready.

I count on the collaboration of all!

Version 1.9.1 – Read before performing the upgrade

Attention: This update only produced the desired, if users who deactivated and activated the plugin again effect. We are working to find a solution that automatically perform this job. Until then, I recommend running the mentioned below directly into your SQL database codes.

In this Saturday, June 14, is being released version 1.9.1 emergently. This version contains only one amendment to auto update that was done in the table `wp_wcup_prediction` until version 1.7.

Most users had no problems when performed the upgrade to version 1.8 and its tournaments are usually played with the scores being added correctly.

However, in the Support Forum some users reported about problems faced by them, where the score was not changed or bonus points were not counted.

To tackle this, the line 152 of the file wcp-admin.class.php was modified and now if the user is using versions 1.5 to 1.9 during the upgrade must be running the command:


This command takes care of removing the extra option ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP

Also, is running the following command:

UPDATE `wp_wcup_prediction` p INNER JOIN `wp_wcup_match` m ON m.match_id = p.match_id SET p.wwhen = DATE_SUB(m.kickoff, INTERVAL 1 HOUR)

This command updates the field Wwhen ALL the recorded forecasts, launching the same time for an hour before kickoff of the game. Therefore it is recommended that you only perform the upgrade to version 1.9.1 if your website has presented problems regarding punctuation.

If you choose to perform this upgrade even if you have no trouble scoring on its website, this time in the UPDATE predictions will not affect your dispute. Ie, there will be no problem. The only downside is that you no longer have control of when each prediction was performed, since all would be on the same schedule.

Hopefully that version 1.9.1 solves the problem of punctuation that these sites faced in the first two days of the World Cup and the dispute elapse correctly from now on.

New features of version 1.7

Hello , users of the World Cup Predictor Plugin .

We are proud to announce some new features that are available in version 1.7 of the plugin . Check out :

  • Inclusion of single pages for show Predictions by Match and Predictions by User.

Until version 1.6 of the plugin, to display the predictions of all users for a particular match, it was necessary to create a post for that game and use the shortcode :

[world-cup-predictor scores=1]

Where score = 1 equivalent to the id of the match . It’s still work correctly, but was a complicated feature to administer, because in a tournament with 64 matches, you need to create 64 posts , one for each match. Now imagine if you are running a longer tournament as the Barclay Premier League?

With this new feature , everything is easier . Simply create a page with any name (eg “Predictions by Match” ) and then access the Overview page in the admin panel and choose this page in “Page Predictions by Match” ). Automatically an icon appears beside each finished match. Clicking on this link you can view the same page before it was generated by the shortcode, with the predictions of users to that match.

The same applies to predictions by the user. Now you can create a page called by User Predictions for example, and go to Overview page in the admin panel to choose this page in the option “Page Predictions by User”. The same icon will be appear in the page rank beside the name of each user and if you click in this icon, the predictions of this user will be displayed.

Note: In this demo version of the plugin are using the “Show predictions before kickoff users” option so that you can see these new features in action. However, in a real competition would be displayed only guesses matches that have not started.

  • New widget for show standings of World Cup Groups.

Previously the plugin had only 2 widgets. One to show the leaders of rank and another to display the logged in user predictions. The name of these widgets were changed according to the actual functionality of each and the second is now only displayed if the user is logged.

Furthermore, we create a new widget that displays the standings of each group in the sidebar of the site. In it, the standings was compressed, showing only the points scored and goal difference of squads. This makes it possible to include this widget on little sidebars, while presenting the most relevant information for classification.

  • Option to adjust knockout table for the theme Twenty Fourteen.

When you create a page with a Knockout Table using the default WordPress theme, the content was too far to the right, being necessary to use a margin-left 17em-to correct the display.

However, if the user was using another theme, this negative adjustment could cause problems in your layout.

Now, an option was created on the Overview page where the user decides whether to activate or not the negative adjustment.

  • Fix the kickoff times for browsers’ timezone

In this version of the plugin in 2014, many users requested that the schedule of matches to be displayed according to their countries. Previously the default script was showing the matches on time the venue of the same (as in the website) and users could use a little code to allow toggle between your local time and timezones.

We decided to reverse the process. Now by default the matches are displayed in the browsers’ time and users still can insert code to perform the toggle between local time or browsers’s time, or you can uncheck the “Convert kickoff times to the local timezone” option to view the matches only on Brazilian time.

Anyway, hope you enjoy novelty and if in doubt, they can contact the support page on

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