Thank you to the following for language translations available in:-

* German. – Fred Kuhl.
* French – Robert Maculewicz.
* Spanish – [Domingo Robaina]
* Brazilian Portuguese – Ed Torres
* Dutch – [Deborah Kerkhof]
* Swedish – Axel
* Arabic – [Modar Soos]
* Italian – [Giulio Giorgetti]
* Russian – [Oles Lukas]

Other translations may be available at [Translations]

If you would like to help with translations please visit the page above and give a comment.

Elxis languages and locales list

This list presents the official Elxis CMS languages names and their locales. You should follow this guideline in naming your language files:

‘ar_AE’, ‘ar_BH’, ‘ar_DZ’, ‘ar_EG’, ‘ar_IQ’, ‘ar_JO’, ‘ar_KW’, ‘ar_LB’, ‘ar_LY’, ‘ar_MA’, ‘ar_OM’, ‘ar_QA’, ‘ar_SA’, ‘ar_SY’, ‘ar_TN’, ‘ar_YE’, ‘be_BY’, ‘bg_BG’, ‘ca_ES’, ‘cs_CZ’, ‘da_DK’, ‘de_AT’, ‘de_CH’, ‘de_DE’, ‘de_LU’,’el_GR’, ‘en_AU’, ‘en_CA’, ‘en_GB’, ‘en_NZ’, ‘en_PH’, ‘en_US’, ‘en_ZA’, ‘es_AR’, ‘es_BO’, ‘es_CL’, ‘es_CR’, ‘es_DO’, ‘es_EC’, ‘es_ES’, ‘es_GT’, ‘es_HN’, ‘es_MX’, ‘es_NI’, ‘es_PA’, ‘es_PE’, ‘es_PR’, ‘es_PY’, ‘es_SV’, ‘es_UY’, ‘es_VE’, ‘et_EE’, ‘eu_ES’, ‘fi_FI’, ‘fo_FO’, ‘fr_BE’, ‘fr_CA’, ‘fr_CH’, ‘fr_FR’, ‘fr_LU’, ‘gl_ES’, ‘gu_IN’, ‘he_IL’, ‘hi_IN’, ‘hr_HR’, ‘hu_HU’, ‘id_ID’, ‘is_IS’, ‘it_CH’, ‘it_IT’, ‘ja_JP’, ‘ko_KR’, ‘lt_LT’, ‘lv_LV’, ‘mk_MK’, ‘mn_MN’, ‘ms_MY’, ‘nb_NO’, ‘nl_BE’, ‘nl_NL’, ‘pl_PL’, ‘pt_BR’, ‘pt_PT’, ‘ro_RO’, ‘ru_RU’, ‘sk_SK’, ‘sl_SI’, ‘sq_AL’, ‘sr_RS’, ‘sv_FI’, ‘sv_SE’, ‘ta_IN’, ‘te_IN’, ‘tr_TR’, ‘uk_UA’, ‘ur_PK’, ‘vi_VN’, ‘zh_CN’, ‘zh_HK’, ‘zh_TW’