Thank you to the following for language translations available in:-

* German. – Fred Kuhl.
* French – Robert Maculewicz.
* Spanish – [Domingo Robaina]
* Brazilian Portuguese – Ed Torres
* Dutch – [Deborah Kerkhof]
* Swedish – Axel
* Arabic – [Modar Soos]
* Italian – [Giulio Giorgetti]
* Russian – [Oles Lukas]

Other translations may be available at [Translations]

If you would like to help with translations please visit the page above and give a comment.

Elxis languages and locales list

This list presents the official Elxis CMS languages names and their locales. You should follow this guideline in naming your language files:

‘ar_AE’, ‘ar_BH’, ‘ar_DZ’, ‘ar_EG’, ‘ar_IQ’, ‘ar_JO’, ‘ar_KW’, ‘ar_LB’, ‘ar_LY’, ‘ar_MA’, ‘ar_OM’, ‘ar_QA’, ‘ar_SA’, ‘ar_SY’, ‘ar_TN’, ‘ar_YE’, ‘be_BY’, ‘bg_BG’, ‘ca_ES’, ‘cs_CZ’, ‘da_DK’, ‘de_AT’, ‘de_CH’, ‘de_DE’, ‘de_LU’,’el_GR’, ‘en_AU’, ‘en_CA’, ‘en_GB’, ‘en_NZ’, ‘en_PH’, ‘en_US’, ‘en_ZA’, ‘es_AR’, ‘es_BO’, ‘es_CL’, ‘es_CR’, ‘es_DO’, ‘es_EC’, ‘es_ES’, ‘es_GT’, ‘es_HN’, ‘es_MX’, ‘es_NI’, ‘es_PA’, ‘es_PE’, ‘es_PR’, ‘es_PY’, ‘es_SV’, ‘es_UY’, ‘es_VE’, ‘et_EE’, ‘eu_ES’, ‘fi_FI’, ‘fo_FO’, ‘fr_BE’, ‘fr_CA’, ‘fr_CH’, ‘fr_FR’, ‘fr_LU’, ‘gl_ES’, ‘gu_IN’, ‘he_IL’, ‘hi_IN’, ‘hr_HR’, ‘hu_HU’, ‘id_ID’, ‘is_IS’, ‘it_CH’, ‘it_IT’, ‘ja_JP’, ‘ko_KR’, ‘lt_LT’, ‘lv_LV’, ‘mk_MK’, ‘mn_MN’, ‘ms_MY’, ‘nb_NO’, ‘nl_BE’, ‘nl_NL’, ‘pl_PL’, ‘pt_BR’, ‘pt_PT’, ‘ro_RO’, ‘ru_RU’, ‘sk_SK’, ‘sl_SI’, ‘sq_AL’, ‘sr_RS’, ‘sv_FI’, ‘sv_SE’, ‘ta_IN’, ‘te_IN’, ‘tr_TR’, ‘uk_UA’, ‘ur_PK’, ‘vi_VN’, ‘zh_CN’, ‘zh_HK’, ‘zh_TW’

10 thoughts on “Translations”

  1. Hi!

    Is it correct that the countries (with flag in front of them) don’t translate.
    I get comments from my Spanish community that countries don’t change like “the Netherlands” should be Holanda etc etc.

    Probably not possible because it’s connected to the FIFA website..?

    Thx in advance

    1. The names of the countries are not connected with the FIFA website. You can change them by accessing Admin >> Teams and Matches >> World Cup and click on ID of the country.

  2. Hi,

    I reworked the French translation which contained many automatic translation. How can I send you the new translation?
    I also wanted to translate “help” menu , but it is hard-coded in php. Is there a way to translate this easily?

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